Blue Heron Capital is a private equity firm focused on growth equity and lower market buyout opportunities. We bring a talented group of operating professionals with decades of experience building and managing companies.

Success Stories: Apogee IT Services

Michael Halperin

Apogee IT Services

Blue Heron is more than just an investor, they are a true business partner.  In addition to bringing the capital we need to grow and scale our business, they bring operational expertise, sound business advice and innovative approaches to growth. Blue Heron brings us new relationships that are helping us penetrate new markets. They are good people who look for ways to dig in and help us with the hard work of growing our business.

Success Stories: LocalVoice

Tom Davis


At LocalVoice, we are looking to change the traditional business of radio. In the same way, Blue Heron is changing the way growth companies are being funded. They are working as a real partner with us to build something special and sustainable.

Success Stories: PresenceLearning

photo of Jack Lynch

Jack Lynch


For us, everything begins and ends with liking and trusting the people we work with. On those measures, Blue Heron is exceptional. Not only are they good people, they consistently add value. They roll up their sleeves and do the hard work to help us unlock growth and value in our business.